Be Aware Of Changes In Your Yorkie

One of the best things you can do for your Yorkie besides offering good food,regular exercise, shelter and water is to be aware of any little changes that they may exhibit in their life.

As Yorkie’s start to get a little older they might seem like they are just not interested in playing (or any form of exercise for that matter) any longer.  This could possibly be due to the fact that they are suffering from some form of pain.

Many dogs that make it into their golden years begin to suffer from arthritis and this can be very painful.

There are different types of remedies that can help your dog. Everything from natural remedies to the ones that your local vet might prescribe.

Since our beloved Yorkie’s cannot talk to us they can only hope that we are aware of their conditions by knowing what they are normally like and noticing any behavioral changes that may be taking place.

For example; if a normally quiet dog starts whining or barking more often they might be trying to give you a signal that something is not quite right in their life.

A regular checkup at the Vet is a good solution to ensure that your dog is always in optimal health and that includes their mental state as well.

Older dogs can become depressed because they are no longer getting the required stimulation mentally and a depressed dog will suffer just as a human will in similar circumstances.

Another sign that there could be a problem is if your Yorkie starts eating more or less than normal.  Keep an eye on their food intake.

By always being aware of their behavior you will ensure that your Yorkshire Terrier has a happy and long life.

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Here Is A Yorkie Quote For You: With proper training, a man can be a Yorkie’s best friend.