Do Yorkies Make Good Pets

Yorkshire terriers are some of the cutest dogs that you will find, but do Yorkies make good pets? 

For many people, this toy dog is “the perfect pet”. 

They may not be the best pet for everyone, but there are many reasons why Yorkies make good pets. 

Allow me, to offer you a very short list of reasons why Yorkies are so great.

Yorkies Are Small

Yorkies weigh between 3-7 pounds, but many people these days prefer dogs that are slightly larger (7-9 lbs).  For people who do not have a lot of space around the house, Yorkies make very good pets.  Yorkies are also easy to carry around. 

This is convenient when you have to bring your pet to the vet.  Also, they do not eat very much.  Larger breeds of dogs cost a lot to feed, but not the Yorkie.  Dog lovers who do not want to spend too much on dog food will find that these small dogs make good pets.

Yorkies Are Lively

Like many terriers, Yorkies are lively and have a delightful temperament.  They are inquisitive, bright and playful.  They like to dash around and check things out.  Yorkies also like a good game of tug-of-war.  They also like to play with toys and interact with people.  When you see your little pet happily chasing birds and butterflies, you’ll realize that Yorkies do make good pets.

Yorkies Are Cuddly

Not too many breeds of dogs like to be carried or cuddled, but Yorkies like nothing better than to be held in your arms or snuggle against a pillow.  Surprisingly, they also like being groomed, so you can have a great time brushing their long, silky hair or even putting them into cute outfits.

If you’re the type of person who loves to shower their attention on their pet, a Yorkie is the dog for you.  Yorkshire terriers thrive on human companionship and attention.

Yorkies Are Loyal

Yorkies are extremely loyal to their owners.  Your pet Yorkie will want nothing more than to keep you happy.  Give your pet plenty of love and praise when they do  something you like, and in return they will likely continue with that good behavior.

Yorkies Are Good Watchdogs

Yorkies have very keen senses and they are not shy about barking to let you know if something strange or new is going on.  Early socialization and training will stop them from making barking a habit.

Do Yorkies Shed?

Because of their long hair, many people are concerned that Yorkies might shed.  In fact, Yorkies do not shed.  They are the only breed of dog with hair and not fur. 

They have hair just like humans, and some strands fall off in the same manner as human hair does.

Yorkies do not have an undercoat either, making them ideal for people who are allergic to animal fur.  While Yorkies do not shed, Yorkie owners should prepare themselves to spend a little time grooming their pet’s hair to keep it healthy and shiny.  (Here is a Yorkie grooming DVD).

Is a Yorkie the Pet for You?

Yorkies do make good pets but they are not for everyone.  A Yorkie is a good pet for you if you want a small dog that you can carry around and does not take up a lot of space.  You may also want a Yorkie for a pet if you want a lively, playful companion that doesn’t need to be exercised a lot. 

A Yorkie will also make a good pet if you suffer from allergies and want a pet that does not shed much.  And if you want a watchdog that does not fail to announce a stranger, a Yorkshire terrier can do that to.

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