Dog Training Tips Advice

The best advice that we have, if you would like to have a well trained dog is the PPK approach. Patience, practice and knowledge.

The knowledge can come from books (I have lot’s of them), there are some really good DVD’s on the market these days that are more than worth the money (I have quite a few), dog or puppy training classes (attended many of them as well) and my favorite, one on one lessons from somebody that knows what they are doing.

Patience, believe me, you’re going to need patience. It’s more difficult for some dogs and puppies to get the hang of what you are trying to teach them but if you stay patient, persistant and consistant they will eventually understand what you are asking of them.

Practice, practice and practice. Even a couple of minutes a day will help. The more you practice anything in life the better you get. This goes for your dog as well.

We will try to offer more tips and advice as time goes on. If we find any good videos we will post them here as well.

Update, we have added two more videos! They follow the Ian Dunbar video. Check them out.

Here is a video full of some great dog training tips and advice from world renowned trainer Ian Dunbar speaking at the 2007 EG conference. It is well worth the 14 miutes and 42 seconds of your time. I cannot tell you how good this really is.

I mentioned at the beginning of this page about practicing everyday even if it is only for a couple of minutes. Here is 2 minutes and 37 seconds worth of practice. Proof that you can practice anywhere and at anytime.

Below is the same dog that is practicing by the fireplace in the video above.

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