Dog Treats and Recipe Books

On this page you will find some dog treat and dog recipe books that I bought the rights to and am now able to share them with you for free.

180 Delicious Gourmet Dog Recipes
Table of Contents
Breakfast: It’s not Just Kibbles ‘n’ Bits Anymore
Natural Dog Food: A Great Alternative to That Big Paper Bag
Healing Foods: Canine Cures Through Crunchy Goodness
International Foods: Dogs Do Eat Sushi
Sauces and Toppings: Dogs Need Condiments, Too
Mutt Mints: Remedies for Raunchy Breath
Meaty Treats: Snacks, Rewards, Whatever
Cookies: You’ll Love ‘Em, Too
Dessert: After Dinner or Anytime
Celebrations: Happy Birthday to Pooch
Natural Puppy Food: He’s Not Just a Small Dog
Healing Beverages: Cool Down Your Hot Dog
Hygiene: Is That Broccoli In Your Teeth or Are You Just Really Bad at Brushing?

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