Easily Accessible Careers for Animal Lovers

We would like to thank Jessica Watts for this article.Jessica is currently training to be a veterinary assistant. She loves animals and enjoys to freelance when she has time. Hope you enjoy the article.

Are you an animal lover? Were you the child who brought home the baby bird that fell from its nest and knew you had to nurse it back to health or insisted your parents let you keep the stray dog that just happened to follow you home because you just couldn’t bear leaving it on the streets all by itself? Or maybe you enjoy teaching your dog tricks; tricks more advanced than shake and sit. Perhaps you’re one of those people who prefer working with animals rather than your fellow humans.

If any of this sounds like you and you’ve thought about a career working with animals, there are many options to choose from, some of which you may never have thought of as a career.

Careers with Animals
There is a wide array of career choices available when it comes to working with animals. Some of these career options require extensive higher education, such as a marine biologist, a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, animal researcher, and a wildlife manager (environmental scientist) to name a few. There are however, many animal careers that do not require a Master’s degree or beyond.

Animal Trainer
Do you have a knack with animals? If so, how about being an animal trainer? There are a variety of jobs available as animal trainers. There is of course, the obvious one, the one so many of us have used with our own pet – the dog obedience trainer. Other trainers include the service dog trainer who trains dogs to assist people with disabilities, such as those with blindness and epilepsy, and the security animal trainer who trains canines as police dogs. There is also the horse trainer, exotic animal trainer, show animal trainer, and the marine mammal trainer.

Most of these jobs require some sort of training or workshop; however, those working with marine mammals usually require a bachelor’s degree in marine biology or animal science.

Zoo Jobs
Do you enjoy going to the zoo? Do you detest a desk job? Well, becoming a zookeeper may be for you. Zookeepers are the ones who feed the animals, build and maintain their housing and overall are the animal’s care takers. It’s a position that will always keep you on your toes. The position of a zookeeper usually requires a college degree.

Veterinary Assistant
Do you have the confidence to handle domestic pets when they’re ill? Then becoming a veterinarian assistant could be the perfect job for you. It doesn’t require much schooling; usually about a year for a certificate from a veterinary assistant program is all that is required. A veterinary assistant cleans and maintains equipment, feeds, exercises, and grooms the animal. The veterinary assistant prepares animals for surgery, sanitizes the rooms, as well as helps the doctor and the animal during office visits. Often as the assistant gains experience, more complicated tasks and duties are given. A veterinary assistant position can be a very rewarding career with little schooling.

Fun Animal Jobs
These jobs may not make you rich, but if you enjoy working with animals they just may be what you’re looking for. They’re flexible and not too demanding.

• Pet Walker: Earn money taking your neighbor’s dogs for a walk. The main prerequisite for the position is you cannot be afraid of dogs and must be confident in handling them. Just don’t forget your doggie doo doo bag!
• Pet Sitter: Pet sitters usually care for pets in their own home a few times a day, an hour at a time. Sitters give food, water, and attention/exercise to the beloved pet while the owner is away. Some pet owners even provide accommodations for overnight stays with their pet. If choosing this path, it is recommended you have pet-sitting insurance and be bonded. It may take some time, but there is money to be made if in the right location.
• Pet Groomer: Give a full range of pampering to the pooches! Dog washing, hair cutting, grooming, nail clipping, nail painting, flea treatments, perfumes – the full gamut. The profession can be quite lucrative depending on the location of your business and of course how many clients you have.
• Pet Photography: Are you a shutter bug? People love their pets; their pets are part of their family and for some their only family. Get paid doing what you love.

These are just a few of the many jobs available with animal careers. When choosing a career in this field, your love for animals should make for a fun, fulfilling career.

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