Helpful Tips for Bathing Your Dog

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Bathing a dog can be just as bad as bathing a toddler that is frightened of the water! If you are a first-time dog bather, you need to be prepared for an interesting evening as you get your pup accustomed to receiving baths and how they should act when receiving their wash down.

Whether your dog hates bath time or enjoys it so much your bathroom looks like it was flooded, you will want to follow our easy steps on how to best prepare for bath time with your favorite four-legged pooch!

Use Voice Commands

Hopefully your dog already understands voice commands like “stay”, as this will become very useful during bath time, if not, it is a wonderful time to work on training this particular command and lots of practice will come in handy during the actual bath!

Preparation Is A Must

Before putting your dog in the tub, make sure you have all the necessary supplies you will need to properly bathe your dog.  Supplies that will come in handy are, a dog brush, cotton balls, a bowl or glass, shampoo, a rubber mat, plenty of towels, a hair dryer or professional pet dryer, as well as mineral oil. Make sure all of your supplies are laid out as you will need them, all within an arm’s reach since you will be using the other arm to secure your pup in the water.

After you prepare the supplies, lay down the rubber mat in the tub and fill the tub with enough warm water to touch the bottom of your dog’s stomach when sitting. This could be anywhere from a few inches to a foot of water.  Now it is time to get your dog… (hint, make sure you brush your dog well before beginning the bath, it’s best to get tangles out before the hair is wet).

Bathe Quickly

The best piece of advice is to get the job done quickly, this will be good for the dog that may be a little uncomfortable and prone to making a fuss, and you will have allot less of a mess to clean up! Firmly hold your dog (Yorkie) in the water while you use the glass or bowl to pour water down the backside of your dog – do your best to keep the water (and shampoo) out of your dog’s eyes and ears. Once your dog is wet, apply the dog shampoo and work it into a rich lather massaging your dog’s skin. Again, remember to keep the shampoo out of your dog’s eyes and ears and this can be a big irritant and cause infection. Rinse the shampoo well from your dog’s coat and skin with clean water and drain the remaining water. Towel dry your dog well, and finish drying your dog off either in the sun or with a blow dryer or professional dog dryer at a low, cool setting.

Reassurance Is a Must

Remember to give your dog plenty of praise while in the tub – you want to create bath time as a pleasurable experience and lots of praise and love can certainly help do the trick. Even if your dog is trying to escape, let him know he is a good dog and doing great!

The author is a dedicated veterinarian, devoting her practice to the care of domestic animals. To further her influence, Susan Wright, DMV serves as a dog bark collar expert and has authored books about dogs and their care.