In a Dogs Nature

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It is within a dog’s nature to be loyal and love their masters, the love and loyalty is not the result of your feeding and sheltering them; dogs are loyal and loving due to the love and companionship you show them. Below is a list of other natural characteristics found in those furry, loveable creatures.

  • Dogs have rituals and internal clocks, which keep their lives in balance, they know when it is time to be fed or going for their daily exercise and bedtime as well.  Dogs are creatures of habit, they like having their beds, toys and feeding dishes left in one place; this also makes it easier for the owner to train them.
  • When choosing a dog you may want to take some important facts into consideration, such as do any of your family members have allergies, if so you need to look into a Hypoallergenic Dog Breed?
  • If a family member is allergic to dogs you will want to bathe them at least once a week and brush them regularly, this will get rid of any dry skin or dander.
  • Owners can also add a teaspoon of cooking oil to their dog’s meals; this will help to alleviate their dog’s dry skin problems.
  • It is natural for dogs to bay at the moon; this is an inbred natural instinct and their way of calling their pack together.
  • It is also natural for a dog to want to be a pack leader; they instinctively take control unless the human takes authority over them. Owners have to be firm but gentle and consistent in their dogs training. If they detect weakness in an adult or child, a dog will take control of any situation.
  • Burying bones in your yard is an instinctive natural thing for dogs to do, when they shake an item vigorously this is also natural, it goes back to their hunting nature which is inbred in them.
  • A Dog guarding their master is also natural, it does not matter if the dog is large or small, they have a natural instinct to protect their family and this is why it is always wise to keep your dog on a leash while out in public.
  • Dogs Love to romp and play, but you should never let them off their leash unless you are in a fenced or safe area. Always make sure your dog knows who is leader of the pack walking behind or beside you, by doing so you can control their movements. The dog’s natural instinct is to run and chase their prey, which could be other dogs or cat in a park area.      

Susan Wright DMV is a vet, a dog expert and freelance writer. Susan shares articles on health conditions as they relate to dogs to help dog owners learn how to properly care for their pets.

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