Quality Dog Obedience Training Advice

Having a dog can absolutely be a source of joy. Dogs are loyal, faithful pets and having them around definitely adds color to your life. However, every dog is advised to go through dog training. Obedience training allows your dog to learn good habits and behavior.

If your pet knows how to act well, then both your lives will be more enjoyable. How would you like to keep a dog that does not come to you when called? Or how about one that soils every corner of your house? Disastrous, right?

There are training schools for dogs and you can choose from various programs. These programs would help teach your dog how to act inside and outside your house, and how to deal with different types of situations.

However, you don’t always have to enroll your pet into a training class to get “educated”. You can actually housetrain him yourself.

Yes, you would have to dedicate a lot of patience and time, but the rewards you reap in the end would be well worth everything.

In addition, you could save hundreds of bucks compared to sending him to a training center. Read on and learn about some tips on dog training. Obedience training done at home:

• Never be too strict too early — Being too strict has a negative effect on your dog. Initially, just allow him to act naturally. Respect his behavior. Learn about it. This way, you’ll also know what to expect from him.

• Praise or reward your pet whenever he behaves well– This is very necessary and you must religiously follow this routine. Consistently rewarding him for a good behavior will build him up to appropriately follow your instructions. This also cultivates an amiable relationship between you two.

• Avoid punishing him or scolding him for a wrong move during training– Remember that you are just starting the teaching phase for how he is supposed to behave. He doesn’t have any idea what the right thing to do is yet.

What you must do is reprimand him instead. This is different from punishing. You can penalize your dog by simply jerking his leash or just ignoring him. When you ignore him, he would feel guilty and will try to behave correctly next time.

• Make a routine with your dog. It may be five to ten minutes at a time, three times in a day. Develop a habit with him which will make him look forward to your time together.

• Schedule regular potty trips and feedings. Usually, puppies have a bowel movement after each meal. Give your pet the time to do it.

• Use baby gates or simply close the doors of the rooms he is not allowed to go into.

• Dog training. Obedience should be fun and rewarding both for you and your pet. Never let the training become too stressful to either you or your dog.

Always remember that aside from a collar, a leash, and a ball, it is very important that you have the humor, the understanding, and the patience needed in training your dog.

Dogs can be very dominant and stubborn at times, but with the countless excellent books and tapes out there on dog training obedience training, and even just your sheer dedication to teach your pet, you can surely make him behave well in no time.

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