Training Yorkies To Fit In With Your Household

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We found three pretty good Yorkie training video’s and have added them on to the bottom of this page. The titles of the videos are “Teaching Your Yorkie To Recognize His Name”, “How To Train A Yorkie To Sit” and “Training A Yorkie To Lie Down.”
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When you bring home a Yorkie, there is a temptation to spend the first few weeks doing nothing but fawning over him and talking about his high level of cuteness. Instead, you should be focusing on training your Yorkie from the very first day that you bring him home.

You want your dog to fit into your current schedule and lifestyle as much as possible and the decisions that you make regarding training can have an impact on the extent to which that happens.


Some think that proper socialization is less important for a Yorkie than it is for a large dog. While it is true that your Yorkie will not likely make the six o’clock news for having seriously injured the mailman, it is still important to teach him proper social skills.

Failing to do so can make having company and traveling a nightmare. Who wants a dog that is growling and nipping at every guest or stranger that you encounter? To avoid this problem in the future, you need to start socialization training as soon as you bring your Yorkie home.

Making sure to spend time holding him when he is a puppy and bringing him to the pet supply store and dog park so that he is exposed to other animals and people are two ways that you can help properly socialize your pet.

 Your Schedule

Some dog owners have to get up at two in the morning each day in order to let their Yorkie out to go to the bathroom. Instead, you can work on training that will keep the Yorkie on your schedule rather than you having to make adjustments.

As soon as possible, start your Yorkie on a schedule. Feed him at the same time each night. Let him out right before you go to bed and then let him out as soon as you awake. Of course, some accidents may take place during the night, especially while he is still being potty trained.

Eventually, however, he will learn the schedule and it will be easier for him to hold it in order to stick to that schedule.

Your Lifestyle

Another aspect of training that some overlook when they first bring home a new puppy is training that is specific to helping the dog fit into your lifestyle. For example, if you take a lot of road trips, you should start getting the Yorkie used to riding in the car as soon as possible.

Think about the different activities that you know the dog will be exposed to and try making him comfortable with those things as soon as possible.

It’s Not Cute

While it is tempting to think that every single thing your Yorkie puppy does is cute, that’s not always the case. If the behavior will not be cute when the dog is older, then do not act like you think it cute now. Doing so will reinforce unwanted behavior and make it much harder to break those bad habits when the dog is older.

When training your Yorkie, consistency is key. Just as you would with a child, you need to set limits. This will help the dog learn what is expected of him and make reaching the goal of him being a good dog much easier for him and for you.

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