What Is A Parti Yorkie

To understand what a Parti Yorkie is, you first have to know what a Yorkie is. A “Yorkie” is a nickname for a Yorkshire Terrier. They are a small breed of dog that originated in England. Their size also classifies them as a “toy” dog.

Dogs of such small size were originally bred to catch rodents, which was a common job for many classifications of Terriers. In modern days, they are rarely needed for such jobs; especially in first world countries like America. They have remained popular breeds because their tiny size is so cute. Yorkshire Terriers in particular are beautiful and intelligent animals.

Because of the Yorkie’s small size they are perfect for apartment dwellers or anyone wanting an inside lap dog.

They are active dogs and love attention. It is not uncommon for a Yorkie to be very sharp and alert, so they make great watch dogs; not because of their size but because they are quick to alarm their owners about a disturbance. They are loving and protective animals.

Their needs include a regular diet and good grooming. They are healthiest when their diet remains consistent. Like most dogs you should exercise them when possible. A short walk is good for you as well as your Yorkie so this can be good bonding time.

Yorkshire Terriers are well known for their hair. It’s not too shaggy, but long enough to be adorable. It can be groomed in many kinds of cute ways. Their fur is soft and silky, and the shade is often a mix of browns, blacks and tans. Or at least these are the colors common in regular Yorkshire Terriers.

This brings us to the Parti Yorkie.

When an animal is classified as “parti-colored,” it is essentially a term for a unique animal that has different colors than what is common. These colors are usually bright and impressive. The same is true for the Parti Yorkie. The unique colors can include whites and golds. They often have variety of shades like regular Terriers, but their coat is often more impressive.

The unique colors of the Parti Yorkie are due to a recessive gene. This makes Parti Yorkies a rare and highly sought after breed.

Their behavior and needs will be virtually identical to that of a common Yorkshire Terrier. Their stunning coat is the only thing that sets them apart from their common counterparts. So like regular Yorkies, the Parti Yorkie is a small, lovable, protective, affectionate little ball of fuzz. They make great companions and can live well over fifteen years.

Since Parti Yorkies get their coat from a recessive gene, they can be harder to find than regular Yorkies. The Parti Yorkie can also be a desirable breed for discriminating owners. This supply and demand means that if you find a healthy Parti Yorkie for a good price, you shouldn’t hesitate too long. Many people want them and a litter usually sells quickly. It’s always a good idea to see the home where they were born and their parents, if possible.

This rare breed of dog makes a loving pet and companion.
Consider making a Parti Yorkie a part of your family and they will be near and dear to your heart for years to come.

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