Yorkie Grooming

Here are three videos that you can watch that should be able to help you out if you want to groom and trim your Yorkshire terrier yourself. We may not agree with everything in the videos but for the most part they do contain allot of good information.

You can also go over to our “new” free dog books page and get your instant downloadable dog grooming guideĀ (get itĀ here).

If we find anymore Yorkie grooming videos (or any good dog grooming information for that matter) that are any good, we will put them up here.

If you happen to know of or find any good solid dog grooming information that we can share (for free) please let us know so we can check it out and maybe put it on this page.

Below is a yorkie grooming video that has been put up by someone who owns a Yorkshire terrier. She is not trying to sell anybody anything she is just showing people how she grooms her Yorkie. It should help quite a bit.

P.S. We do not know the person who put this video together but felt it was worth sharing.

Below is a Yorkie pet grooming video that is just super and can teach you allot. About 1 minute 41 seconds into the video it shows a guy trimming toenails. The whole video is good. Once again we have no idea who put the video together we just feel that it is worth watching and sharing.

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